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Toothpaste can contain food allergens

I began my search for allergy information about toothpaste by looking at the major brands websites. I also looked at some of the brands found in health food stores. Toothpaste can contain food dyes, chemicals and other allergens. Gluten can be found in many types of toothpaste as can milk and corn.

Colgate did not have any allergy information on its web site, they did however E-mail me saying they would give me ingredient information about any product that concerned me.

Aquafresh toothpaste had a gluten free and latex free statements but no information on milk, on its website.

Some of the toothpastes found in health food stores had more clear information.

Tomís of Maine for instance had a gluten list and a very clear statement of not using animal products.

The Natural Dentist is both Gluten and Milk Free according to its web site.

Kiss My Face had a vegan statement on its web site as well as a list of products that did contain gluten.

Green Beaver toothpaste had a vegan symbol on itís toothpaste but no clear allergy statements on its web site.

Burts Bees had a gluten free product list that included a hand full of oral care products; they also had a vegan list that did not have any oral care products on it.

In the UK I found Kingfisher Natural toothpaste they had a gluten free statement on its website. I also found made in the UK, Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste it had on its web site, that their products did not contain animal ingredients, but no information about gluten.

I found many of the vegan on line stores carried vegan toothpaste brands. Surprisingly when I visited the companyís websites listed, they did not always have clear allergy or milk protein information.

It is always up to you to determine what is safe.

Green BeaverGreen Beaver toothpaste had a vegan symbol on itís toothpaste but no clear allergy statements on its web site.
The Natural DentistGluten and Milk Free Toothpaste and mouthwash link
Tom's of Maine"Since our founding in 1970, we've believed very strongly that effective products can be made without animal ingredients " link
Kiss My FaceVegan and Gluten information on their site link
Beverly Hills FormulaOn FAQ page "contain no animal products" link

*Recaldent contains milk protein found in toothpaste and gum

At The Dentist

Prospec MI has the milk protein in it. The dentist should also look out for perscription strength Recaladent in it. Have your dentist mark your chart no Prospec MI or

In your toothpaste and gum

Dairy protein may be in chewing gum, sometimes under the name recaldent, look out for packages that say "whitening", these are likely to have milk. Similarly in tooth paste, mention of "whitening" is a clue the toothpaste might have milk protein. Contact the manufacturer or choose a different tooth paste.

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