Dairy Free Alternative Milks, and Dairy Free Juices

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8th ContininentClick Products "All varieties and flavors of 8th Continent Soymilk are Gluten and Lactose Free and Certified Vegan." (accessed May 2013)
Alpro SoyaDairy Free milk, yougurt and desert Alternatives (UK)
Blue Diamonds GrowersMake Almond Breeze milks
Bon SoyWeb site comming soon
Brat Diet"NO GLUTEN • NO DAIRY • NON-GMO • NO SOY • NO CORN • NO SUGAR ADDED" (accessed August 2013)
CoCo KefirCoconut Kefir dairy and gluten free.
Earth's Own Almond FreshFAQ page question 7 "7.Are earthsown Almond/Almond Fresh dairy/lactose free? Yes; 100% lactose and dairy free and also produced in a dairy free facility. They are suitable for those who cannot or choose not to consume dairy milk." (accessed May 2013)
Elmhurst HarvestElmhurst Harvest is a new and innovative line of non-dairy milk alternatives from a family steeped in dairy history. Dairy Free - Soy Free
Flax Milk"All Natural Dairy Free Beverage Indulge yourself and your family to the rich, satisfying and refreshing taste of Flaxmilk™. Drink by the glassful, pour over cereal, use in smoothies, or add to your favorite recipes". (accessed June 2013)
Grain AissanceDairy and gluten free products like rice squares and rice shakes
KaraBringing you fresh coconuts in convenient and environmentally friendly packs, Kara UHT Coconut Cream and Classic Coconut Milk
KoKo Dairy FreeNaturally free of lactose, cow’s milk protein, soya and gluten.+ Nut free & packed in a nut-free environment. Coconuts are a fruit, not a nut. (accesssed March, 2016)
Natur-a"•Are you lactose-intolerant? Natur-a soy, rice and almonds beverages are an ideal substitute for cow’s milk, and Natur-a Glacé frozen desserts will satisfy your ice-cream craving perfectly". (accessed June 2013)
Good HempDairy, Gluten and Soya free milks (UK) Good Hemp makes tasty & nutritional food from 100% hemp. Hemp is one of the most exciting natural ingredients in the world.” (accessed Dec, 2017)
Good KarmaDairy Free rice and flax milk, Canada and USA.
Living Harvestdairy free hemp milk
Organic Edan SoySoy Milk.
Pacific Natural FoodsAlmond, Hazelnut, Oat, Grain and Rice milks, not all there products are milk free.
ProvamelUK soy drinks and yogurts
Rica rice yougurtgluten, wheat, dairy and soy free rice yogurt
Silk Soy Milk (USA)Silk Soy Milk - USA site
Silk Soy Milk (Canada)Silk Soy Milk - Canadian site
So NiceYougurts and Soy drinks
Swiss Reis Drinklight vegetarian alternative to milk made from certified organic rice has a natural sweetness without added sugar, it is very mild and easy to digest.
SoyummiSoyummi makes a line of five vegan puddings that are made with organic ingredients, including Dark Chocolate, Rice, Tapioca, Lime, and Cherry. They are all gluten, dairy, and lactose free
Stonybrook FarmsYogurt made from both cows milk and soy
SunsationalDrink made from sunflower seeds, coss contamination issues not listed on product's link!
Imagine foodsMakers of Rice Dream & other dairy free products like ice cream and chocolate bars, some products also made from coconuts.
True SolutionNutrition Shake True Solution contains no soy, egg, milk, whey or any other allergens (accessed June 2014)
OatlyOat Drink is a completely vegetable-based product made of just a few natural ingredients – oats, water and a little sea salt.
Vance Foods Non Dairy Milk Alternatives
West SoySoy milk available differnent flavours
Wildwood OrganicsSoymilk, soy yogurt tofu products burgers and spreads
Worldpantry Hempmilk Available in three flavors: Original, Chocolate and Vanilla.
ZenSoySoy drinks and puddings "We do manufacture at a plant that also produces dairy products; however, our machines are cleaned and sterilized before we manufacture the soy products". Also produces nut products (accessed May 2014)

Milk Free Juices and Other Drinks

Cathy's KombuchaFermented tea drink, that contains probiotics and is gluten and soy free. I talked to their representative, she said the factory is also nut and dairy free. At one point they produced a product that contains sulphites, but they no longer handle sulphites. Finding a dairy free probiotic that tastes like a treat was a wonder, we sampled a few drinks, and my whole family agreed we enjoyed them all.
Good Bellydairy free, soy free and vegan probiotic drinks
MammachiaSeeds Drinks and Sqeeze products "Mamma Chia is vegan. It contains no animal-derived ingredients". (accesed September2014)
Tula's Coco KefirDairy, gluten and soy free Coconut Drinks (accessed October 2014)
POM WonderfulAllergy information on question page No-soy, wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and crustaceans
Organic AvenueYep! No gluten here. There are no animal products or by-products in any our products.
Apple & EveCalcium is not dairy delivered says on FAQ page link
Sun Rype Canada
Sunrype USA
Sunrype juices and 100% snacks Sunrype (free from major allergens) some products free from major allergens
Lakewood JuicesAre milk and Gluten free.
Yam Chops AuJusYamChops features vegetarian and vegan plant-based protein alternatives, prepared foods, prepared meals, AuJus organic, raw, cold-pressed juices, specialty food products and a whole, whole, whole lot more. (acessed July 2014)

Only you can decide if a product is safe for you.

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