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I am a mother, grandmother and an aunt of children with peanut allergies. I feel it is my responsibility to make aware the severity of a reaction to peanuts for these kids. It only takes a minute amount of peanut/nut exposure by taste, touch or inhalation for a severe, sometimes fatal reaction to occur. Odor does not cause an allergic reaction maybe a conditioned physiologic response that is not life threatening. The reaction to peanuts is quick and often does not give much response time.

It was not easy for me, a vegetarian to give up peanut butter to have a safe home for my family. However, times have changed and I can again enjoy the taste of peanut butter without harming family members with peanut allergies. There are new peanut butter like spreads now. They taste like, look like and smell like peanut butter but are not. They have a clean label and some appear to be healthier than peanut butter.

Please visit for more information and contacts. You can also visit www.clown-gysin and The owner of Totally Nut Free has family with nut allergies and highly recommends the Totally Nut Free FreeNut butter available in Wal Mart Super Centers in Canada, Whole Foods Markets and numerous health food stores. and Clown Gysin have the same products in bulk packaging 10kg. Pails and 12 X 500g jars available through most food service reps. and portion packs as well. They supply some US school programs, Canadian camps and nursery schools with soybutter.

Please make your camp/school safe for kids with peanut allergy. With these new peanut butter like spreads there is no reason not to continue making kids favourite peanut butter sandwiches only use these peanut free soybutter peanut butter replacements instead. Not all peanut butter like spreads taste the same but I can vouch for this one. Clown Gysin will be at the Ontario Camping Association Conference at Blue Mountain in January for sampling.

By Karen Mahon

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