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Since the age of 8 months old Faith has had deadly food allergies. As she began speaking she learned to tell others certain things like, "milk and eggs make me sick". Faith has always had such a spirit about her. I remember her first Halloween out at 2 years old. She was given a snickers bar by a fellow Candy giver and she said so politely, THAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUU... that makes me sick! I was appalled. Much to my surprise, the elderly lady and her husband said, what makes you sick? Faith replied MILK and EGGS. The man and woman looked at each other, amazed by this little SNOW WHITE with such knowledge in her little brain and said, wait right here. They walked back into there kitchen, picked a banana and apple and came back to the door. I was standing there, just amazed, Faith was so nonchalant about this horrible burden I saw in her life. She couldn't even enjoy Halloween, I thought. Saddened, and getting ready to comfort Faith, they couple said do these make you sick? Faith replied no I LOVE THOSE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. They proceeded to place the fruit in her bag. I was just side swiped by this event, as well as so VERY appreciative. The couple closed the door, Faith looked up at me and said this is the best Halloween EVER. We proceeded around the neighborhood to continue our night. Went home, cut up the banana and apple and all laughed about what a fun Halloween this turned out to be.

Here is the kicker. By the following year, everyone in the neighborhood new about Faith. As Halloween approached, neighbors proceeded to call us one by one to ask, What can we have here for Faith? I gave them the list of Faith friendly candies...Starburst, Skittles, ect. This Halloween was also very special! We only went to the houses of Neighbors EXPECTING Faith. That night ended with Faith saying, "see Mommy, everyone knows I have allergies. They all love me so much."

Halloween for us has become very special. IT IS FAITH'S FAVORITE HOLIDAY. We are now living in a new community and we have gone to the neighbors explaining Faith's situation. We will deliver, just about 1 hour prior to taking Faith out, her SPECIAL candy sealed in packs to those houses we know. We mark the candy Faith friendly with a sticker. Then come Halloween trick or treat time, she feels just like all the other kids.

Faith's allergies have become a huge source of pride for her. She truly believes she is here to change the world and what they know about food allergies.

Preparation…Halloween 2009
It is Halloween Time, FAITH LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSS HALLOWEEN! Cracks all the family up, that the child with food allergies, loves the holiday where people give you food! Ironic!

Here is our check list:
Buy Faith Friendly candy
Talk to neighbors
Purchase gloves

We begin by going to store to locate Faith Friendly candy to hand out. We also make Faith and emergency back-up bag. We do this just in case the kids get nothing but chocolate. I bake some Faith Friendly cupcakes, and make them look like spiders. We make lots of goodies at home, and begin to decorate the house. Faith always seems to pick a costume with gloves, this way anything she touches has a barrier. Smart girl! This year she is going to be a pirate. Not a scary Pirate, an ADORABLE PIRATE. We talk to all the neighbors about Faith, and explain her health. Miss Opal, down the street, always gives Faith Fruit! Faith loves that. Lots of our friends make special bags JUST FOR FAITHY.

On Halloween night, our entire family takes the kids out, door to door. They cover the entire block down both sides, then we come back to base camp (Grandmas House). The kids all sit in a circle and dump the loot they have acquired. We go through all the candy, piece by piece. The cousins all give Faith the candy that is safe for her, in turn, Faith gives them all the candy THAT IS NOT. It has become a BIG tradition for the kids, and quite honestly, is something they look forward to. They call it the trade game! It always amazes me how protective children can be of each other. The cousins always make sure Faith gets as much as them, and if not…they give the extra they received away so it is all equal. Faith just loves Halloween. This year, we actually have two other families that want to be a part of our Halloween way. Let the tradition of giving, sharing, and caring continue! Another comical situation with Faith this year, went a little like this…” Hey Faithy, do you like this costume on mommy?”, I said. Faith responds, “Mommy take that off before you loose all your dignity” The entire store burst into laughter, I guess I don’t look very good as a Candy Corn. She was right, I felt ridiculous!

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