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Raw or vegan products may be produced on the same lines with dairy/ milk, therefore not all vegan chocolates are dairy free.

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Amanda's OwnWelcome to the home of great tasting chocolate that is all natural and completely dairy-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free & gluten-free! All of our products (except our Sunflower Cups) are free from the top 8 food allergens and processed in our facility on dedicated equipment that is free from the top 8 food allergens. (accessed Oct 2014)
AmoredimonaDark Chocolate & Caramela Vegan, Low Glycemic, allergy & diabetic friendly, non gmo, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, tree nut free preservative & artificial ingredient free (accessed Ocober 2014)
Booja BoojaOrganic chocolates vega, dairy free and wheat free
Chocolate DecadenceYour Source for Vegan Chocolate, Gluten Free Chocolate, and Dairy Free Chocolate! (accessed April 2014)
Chocolate EmporiumManufactures of parve, lactose free gluten free chocolates. allergen controll
Coop's Hot Vegan FudgeAll Natural, Gluten Free, ABSOLUTELY NO Corn Syrup, Preservatives, GMO's or Artificial Anything!!!!! Certified Kosher Dairy. Also available as a VEGAN PRODUCT! (made with coconut cream and coconut oil) (accessed October 2014)
D and D ChocolatesAll our chocolate products are dairy free,nut free and gluten free. They are handmade to the highest standards of quality, and has a delicious taste. (accessed October 2014)
DivviesTreats Divvies dedicated bakery free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and milk. Some treats have real chocolate, Their candy is also gluten free (accessed April 2014)
Eat PastryCookie dough No eggs, no dairy, no preservatives, no processing, no fillers, NO GMOs, no funny business. All flavors created with various moods in mind (accessed October 2013)
Emmy's Chocolate SauseThis richly luscious dark chocolate sauce is heavenly when drizzled over raw fruit, ice-cream, blended into smoothies, or even enjoyed straight from the jar. FAQ page: Has information on being vegan and gluten free (accesssed Oct 2014)
Enjoy Life FoodsDairy, nut, egg and soy free chocolate bars - Canadians are waiting for these
Fearless ChocolateIs Fearless Chocolate Organic / Fair Trade / Kosher / Gluten-free / Soy-free / Recycled / a B Corporation / Vegan / Dairy-free / GMO-free? YES! (accessed April 2014)
Go Max FoodsWhat we didn’t want in our candy bars was dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol. (accessed Oct 2014)
Guardian AngelClosed
Gnosis ChocolateFree of: refined sugar, GMO, dairy, soy gluten $ peanuts (accessed October 2014)
The Healthy ChocolateXocai, the Healthy Chocolate? It's dairy, gluten and caffeine free no processed sugars, vegetarian and vegan friendly!
Humdinger FoodsOur dairy free chocolate buttons and other products are the perfect choice for people with milk or wheat intolerance, but also for the growing number of people who are vegetarian or vegan and are cutting out consumption of animal or animal derived food products from their diet. (accessed November 2013), (UK)
Lagusta's LusciousWe are a completely vegan business using 100% post-consumer recycled paper and packing materials. We compost all kitchen scraps, use all eco-friendly cleaning products, and generate almost no waste! (accessed October 2014)
Lara Bar What are the quality standards for LÄRABAR ingredients? Gluten free, Dairy free*, Soy free*, Vegan*, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa and coffee, No added sugars** or sweeteners*, Non-GMO, No added sulfites, No preservatives, fillers, or colourings *Does not include the Chocolate Chip varieties. Chocolote chip flavours are made with a simple, 4-ingredient chocolate chip that consists of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla. While no soy or dairy is used to make our chocolate chips, they are made on a line that also produces chocolate chips made with dairy and soy. Due to possible cross-contact, the chips we use may contain trace amounts of dairy or soy from other chips made at the facility; thus we cannot claim these products as Dairy Free or Soy Free.(accessed October 2014)
lazy Day Foods(UK) Gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free cakes, cookies, snaps
Nana's Cookie CompanyNana Cookie company No Dairy No wheat cookies have a chocolate selection
Nibmorchocolate bars organic vegan and raw. Made without gluten, dairy or refined sugar
No Whey ChocolateDairy Free Chocolate, some also gluten free and soy free, made on shared equipment
No Moo ChocolatesMoo Free is a world leading manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan confectionery products that actually taste like milk chocolate*. (accessed May 2014)
and packed in factories that use these products for other things"
Newmoon Kitchen.comMini loafs, cookies made without any dairy, eggs, nuts or preservatives, Ontario CAN. We like chocolate Mo’Mints cookies
Olivia ChocolatiersCoco-Milk Chocolate. Our newest Raw Vegan Bean-to-bar chocolate that is creamy smooth, Dairy Free, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut Free, and now Soy Free. HempMilk Chocolate. Raw Vegan Bean-to-bar chocolate that is creamy smooth, Dairy Free, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut Free, and now Soy Free. (accessed October 2014)
Pascha ChocolateFree From Peanuts, Nuts, Dairy, Soy, Eggs, Fish, Wheat & Gluten (accessed Febuary 2014)
Plamil"All plamil products are dairy free gluten free, non GMO and made in our own 'no nuts' factory Chocolate (UK)
Premium ChocolatiersNo Nuts, No Dairy, No Gluten, No Eggs. (accessed October 2014)
PurestHot cocoa, Mexican hot cocoa, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate topping, all dairy free
Rawthentic Chocolate"Free the cows! All our chocolate is milk - less"
Earth Source Organics•Certified Organic •Certified Non-GMO •Certified Vegan •Certified Gluten Free •Certified Kosher •No Refined Sugars •Top 7 Allergen Free (accessed Ocober 2014)
Rice DreamRice Dream chocolate candy bars
Rococo ChocolatesAlmost all vegan chocolates, only the Grenada Chocolates are guaranteed nut free
Rose city Chocolate Has selection of vegan chocolate, no cross contamination info on web site.
Ross ChocolatesThe Dark, Dark Almond and Dark Orange flavored bars are both dairy free and gluten free. (accessed October 2014)
Sweet Freedom Choc ShotUK Liquid hot chocolate that's not just for drinking •GM, dairy & gluten free •Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (accessed Sept 2014)
Smart Monkey Organic and totally vegan chocolate bars .
SjakksList of vegan chocolates
Sha Sha Cocoa Snap CookiesManufactured in a nut-free and dairy-free facility, these cookies are ideal for children to take to school for an afternoon snack. (accessed October 2014)
Tropical Source Chocolate Bars"Our bars are made in one of the only chocolate factories in the world whose
equipment never comes in contact with gluten or dairy" other sweets available.
UK Organics Dairy Free and organic chocolates. are organic and dairy free.
Ulima Cacaoliente!, Chocolate Chai, Cacao Menta, Cacao Kava and Goji Manna were born, one after the other. (We couldn’t help it! Our creative juices were flowing, thanks to all the psychoactive ingredients in the cacao.) Everything made with organic chocolate (cacao) and other vegan, organic ingredients. (accessed October 2014)
Vosges ChocolateSelect vegan line; Our vegan chocolate gift options are free from all animal and dairy products. (accessed Febuary 2014)
Zen Soy chocolate puddings and drinks. We do manufacture at a plant that also produces dairy products; however, our machines are cleaned and sterilized before we manufacture the soy products. Our products are Kosher Certified Parve. No May contain staement on package (accessed June 2013)

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