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Allergy Cards From Brokerfish
Allergy cards when you are eating out to avoid eating ingredients that you should not. Download 8 different allergy cards in 6 different languages FREE!

Create your free allergy travel card

Food Allergy Translate
Choose your Food Allergy Translate Card!

AAFA Alaska Chapter
Student Asthma Action Card, Student Anaphylaxs Action Form, Quick Allergy Cards, Quick Asma Cards, Quick Report Cards

Killer Peanut provides a free translation service for people with food allergies. Tell us your food allergies and desired language translation and we will provide you with an allergy emergency card and helpful translations for restaurants, doctors and airport security.

Chef Card
From Allergy Free Table
Choose from one of our eleven completed Chef Cards, or start with a blank card and customize to your specific food allergies

Corn Wallet Cards
Free download from Live Corn Free, Card containing a list of ingredients commonly derived from corn.

Allergy Signs
Free to print, allergy posters, many can also be used as allergy cards.

Dedicated to travellers with food allergies. This resource is for those who want to make sure that restaurants, hotels etc. understand their allergies everywhere in the world. Users can create and print their customized food allergy card in the language they need.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) created the SafeFARE program to give you the tools you need to enjoy eating out with family and friends.

Just Hungry
Printable cards for communicating dietary restrictions in Japan

Translate Allergy Apps

Allergy FT
Allergy FT: Food Allergy APP

Food Allergy Translate
Download the Food Allergy Translate application to your mobile device for better communication in a foreign restaurant.

Cards for Sale

Food Allergy Translate
Reduce your risk of food allergy reactions by using your Food Allergy Translate Card too.

Chef cards for sale in printed and digital formats. Personalized options also available in digital download

Medical Translation Cards Translating your own or your child’s medical condition into 7 different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek and French) these cards are a must for use at home and when travelling abroad.

Food Allergy Apprentice Having a peanut allergy you must be alert of your surroundings at all times especially when eating in public. The No Peanut cards were created to give out to alert the server and chef of your food allergy.

Allergy Translation
Don't Limit Your adventure

Dietary Card Using a Dietary Alert Card in English or 17 other languages to order meals in the UK or abroad

Allergic Traveler
International Dietary Alert Cards.

A very helpful little card for people who suffer from adverse food reactions.” Recipient of the ECARF Quality Seal.

Gluten Free Dining Cards

Food Allergy Restaurant Cards
Cards From Achoo Allergy
Select's mission is to empower individuals with food allergies and specialized diets to safely dine outside the home, travel and explore the world.

Allergen and Language Posts

Nut Free Wok
Food Allergies 101 Latin Names For Food

Trip Base
How to Say I'm Allergic to peanuts in 45 Languages

Walking on Travels
Translating Food Allergies


How to say allergic and allergy in ASL (American Sign Language):


Allergic Reaction


Allergen (same as allergic reaction)

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