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Trying to cope with raising a nut-allergic child? Here comes the Nut-Free Mom to the rescue. This is the one book that gives a "crash course" on what you need to know – from a mom who’s “been there”.

The book offers heart, humor and hard-won experience to help caregivers cope with nut-free living. Learn how to handle play dates, grocery shopping, meal-planning, dining out, family gatherings, and many more practical, real-life situations. Written in a lively format, the book includes scores of tips that’ll boost your—and your child’s—confidence.

Interview with Jenny Kales
The Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book is a one-stop guide to delicious, everyday baked goods free of dairy, eggs, and nuts — the most common food allergens. It offers timeless, foolproof recipes that are easy to prepare even for kitchen novices. It's an invaluable resource for home bakers (and their families) who loves sweets and treats. These recipes are more than delicious enough to be enjoyed by everyone who craves great baked treats, whether they have food allergies or not. But they fill a particular need for families who find baking at home to be the smartest and safest option. All the traditional favorites are included, with chapters devoted to the best and tastiest muffins and quick breads, cookies and bars, and all manner of cakes, pies, crisps, and cobblers. In addition, the book is filled with practical advice about dealing with classroom and birthday parties, as well as easy ingredient substitution ideas. It is the go-to guide for food-allergy mamas everywhere.
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Author A. Anderson has published a new book titled Flourishing with Food Allergies: Social, Emotional and Practical Guidance for Families with Young Children. Anderson was inspired to write this book when she discovered that her own two sons had severe food allergies to dairy and egg. She, like many others, struggled with diet modifications, finding activities that were safe and dealing with the social ramifications of avoiding these common foods. The information is not simply based upon her experience—she incorporates fifteen interviews of mothers with food-allergic children—those with peanut, tree nut and other common allergens. Interviews of a father’s perspective and several doctors of different specialties are also included, read more from Avoiding Milk Protein Blog.

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From Juventa Vezzani, Author Milk Allergy Companion milkallergycompanion.com I am pleased to announce the new release of The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook! First of all, THANK YOU for your patience, help, and support! I couldn't have done this without all of you!!! Please pass along this information to anyone you know who suffers from a Milk Allergy or who may be looking for new ways to make tasty meals, using normal ingredients, that the whole family can enjoy! For more information or to order, please visit: www.milkallergycompanion.com read more From Avoiding Milk Protein Blog

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From Alisa Fleming:
New Guide and Cookbook for Milk and Egg Allergies from Go Dairy Free Founder
Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living was recently released by Alisa Fleming, creator and chief editor of the informational website godairyfree.org. Within this extensive resource readers will find the largest dairy substitutes section currently available in any book, vital health and nutrition information for dairy-free living, a thorough calcium guide, everyday tips for shopping, cooking, and dining, and of course, recipes.
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