Restaurants and Allergy Information USA    Canadian list

Bojangles top allergen cart and nutrition information

Restaurant                   Comment
Arby's Arby's allerg information pdf

Aubon Pain Aubon Pain Allergen and nutrition information

Backyard Burgers Allergy Information on website link

BJ Brewhouse BJ Brewhouse gluten free and allergen information

Blimpie Blimpie has a allergy chart listing top allergens

Burger King Burger King(US) allergy information school down past nutritional information.

Cafe Indigo Cafe Indigo Vegan Bakery also wheat free options, Concord NH

Chilis Chilis allergen information pdf.

Chipotle Chipotle"We use no peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts in our food. Only our
cheese and sour cream contain any dairy." The link also has gluten information.

Chucky Cheese Allergy information US information, by allergy information by State.

Culvers Culvers Butter Burgers, has an easy to follow allergy guide

The Counter Custom Built Burgers/td> The Counter Custom Built Burgers allergy information easy read allergychart. USA and international locations

Damons Grill
Has a allergy information interactive menu on its web site.

Dennys United States Allergen guide link (pdf)

Eat Garbanzo Eat Garbanzo Ingredient Allergen Pdf chart

Fat Burger Allergy information on website link (pdf)

Fatz Cafe South East locations in the US Allergy info

Fazolis Fazolis has a ingredient listing with lots of Italian food.

Firehouse subs Allergy information link .pdf

Hardees Hardees ingredient guide, lists ingredients and major allergens

I Hop I Hop Allergen Information easy to read chart

Jack in the box Jack in the Box Nutrition page has allergy information (US Chain)

Jason's Deli Jason's Deli has a Allergy Chart Arizona and Alabama locations

The Keg Keg Allergy Information Excellent Allergy Guide in restaurant locations, now also online.

Kentucky Fried Chicken      KFC Allergy Information  (USA)

Long John Silvers common allergy info link

Merge Buffalo, NY vegan, vegetarian gluten free and raw clearly marked on
menu They often use Teese vegan cheeses link

McDonalds Mc DonaldsUS site Use Menu Explorer on each item to view what each item contains

Moes Southwest grill Moe's Allergy guide US and Canadian locations

Noodles Noodles Allergy information, on link

On the Boarder On the Boarder Mexican and Catina click allergen info

Paradise Yogurt Paradise Yougurt Offers one daily flavour of dairy free vegan soy based
soft serve "ice cream" locations San Diego

Pandolfis Deli Allergen Free Menus Nut Fluten Free Menus, Kansas City, MO

Piper Restaurant Piper Macatawa, MI Gluten Free and milk free menus

Pizza Fusion Pizza Fussion many US locations gluten free and vegan pizzas,
they have dairy free soy cheese.

Pizza Works Pizza Works Availible wheat and gluten free can use vegan soya cheese

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Popeye's Ingredient information on it's website

Promise Pizza Promise Pizza Serves gluten free pizzas as well as pizzas with vegan cheese Roundrock, Texas

Qdoba Qdoba Mexican restaurant allergy information

Quiznos to see list, click Allergy Information Table Quiznos (USA)

Red Lobster Allergy info Red Lobsters Guest relations will
answer questions on food allergies, website little help

Rita's Allergy Chart (pdf) Frozen Treats varrious locations in the US

Rubios link Dairy-Free Choices Gluten-Free Choices Allergen Chart on websire.

Salad Spinners Gluten and dairy information link

Sizzler Sizzler provides Allergy information

Sonic American's Drive In Easy to follow allergy chart link

Sonny's Allergy PDF for top eight allergens Sonnys BBQ on web site
"No menu items contain any peanut protein"

Soft Serve Fruit New York, New York Soft Serve Fruit. Made from dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, low calorie,
all natural fruit. Soft Serve Fruit
Starbucks Has ingredient binder, concider cross contamination with tongs risks
Soy milk and cows milk container seperation is well done for drinks.
history of allergic reactions in media

Steak n Shake Steak n Shake click ingredience & allergens for information on allergens.

Sticky Fingers Bakery Sticky Fingers Bakery 100% Vegan and Dairy and Egg Free

Stogo Stogo Gourmet dairy free icecream organic New York, NY

(US list only)

Surf City Sqeeze Surf City Squeeze Download allergy information Shakes and smoothies

Swiss Chalet
excellent allergy guide available on line or at any restaurant
guide has many items without milk, soy, yeast, egg,
wheat or gluten. some locations in Maine

Taco Bell Taco Bell Allergen Information very clear allergy chart.

Taco Johns Taco Johns Click Allergyn for allergy chart

Temptation Vegan Icecream Temptation Vegan Icecream Locations across the US dairy-free,
egg-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free gluten free options

Thayers Thayers Annandale MN Gluten Free Dairy Free Friday night menu

Veggie Grill Veggie Grill California locations plant based menu lots of, vegan stuff as well as gluten and soy free items.

Wendys allergy information.

Waldo Pizza Waldo Pizza Gluten and Vegan menu with vegan cheeses two locations
Missouri Kansas City and Lee's Summit

What A burger What A Burger has Ingredient information for the major allergens, locations northern States

Whole in the Wall Albany New York "wide selection
of vegetarian and vegan entrees. We are also happy to accommodate
any special dietary needs."

Wing Stop Wing Stop Allergen Info easy follow chart (pdf) see cross contamination information

Yogen Fruz Yogen Fruz has Dairy and Non Dairy Fruit Smoothies

Yogo Factory Yogo Factory has gluten free and dairy free options, New Jersey area locations

Zaxbys Zaxbys Nutrition/ Allergy info Has nutrition and allergy info, have to look up each item, rather than use an allergen chart

Z pizza Z pizza gluten free crusts and vegan cheeses US locations

More Allergy Dinning Tips

  • Use this as a starting point only, only you can deside what is safe.

  • You may want to plan ahead if your visiting a resturant.

  • Visit off peek hours when staff are less busy to answer your allergy questions

  • It is fine, and often done, is bring your own food that your not allergic to.

  • Any resturant can have cross contamination issues, it is up to you to asses your risk level.

  • If you print off allergy guides, bring and date them, so you know how old they are.

  • Some leave their Epi-pens on the table so staff can see them

  • Tell your server first thing that you or your family member has an allergy

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