Milk Allergy Interview with Sarah Hatfield

No Whey Mama Blogspot with Sarah Hatfield

Milk Allergy Interview with Sarah Hatfield at No Whey, Mama

With three children, one severely allergic to milk,
what made you decide to start your blog No Whey Mama?

I wanted to share our experiences (both Katherine's and mine) in dealing with her allergy. There are a lot of informative resources about allergies from a medical standpoint, but I wanted to focus on the emotional side. Also, I was hoping to meet others in similar situations, and I certainly have!

What has been the most frustrating part of
explaining to others about milk allergy?

That it is an allergy, not a dislike or an intolerance. I think it's difficult to understand how fast and severe an allergic reaction can be if you've never seen one. Katherine is not a “picky” child; she is a person with a life-threatening food allergy.

What are some of the more surprising places you
have found milk?

We once bought an unseasoned pork loin that had been tenderized with milk. Gerber Infant Tooth & Gum Cleanser has both milk and egg ingredients. Katherine has to check the soap she uses at other people's houses to make sure it doesn't have milk.

Food allergies often lead to more adventuresome
eating, and trying new foods. What are some of the more
unusual milk alternatives your family has tried?

We've tried all of the usuals: soy milk, soy cheese, tofu, etc. I think the most 'unusual' thing we do is to leave dairy out of recipes, such as pizza, pasta, and casseroles. And we've all grown used to eating them that way.

For those who have not witnessed a severe reaction,
can you describe your child’s first reaction?

Katherine's first reaction was to baby formula when she was about 6 months old. She broke out in hives all over her face, her eyes swelled up, and she projectile vomited. It was very scary.

Often friends and family can be less than helpful or just
not get food allergies. What positive acts of kindness has a friend
or family member shown your family with food allergies?

Almost everyone we know is so understanding, and the parents of Katherine's friends go out of their way to provide dairy-free snacks. The most touching thing for me is to see her friends watch out for her and want to have foods that everyone can enjoy at their birthday parties. Otherwise, as a preschool friend of Katherine's said, “It's not fair.”

Sarah Hatfield at No Whey Mama Blogspot

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