Interview with Jenny Kales

Who is your book The NEW Nut-Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for Your Nut-Allergic Child written for?

My book is for parents and caregivers of kids who have been recently diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies. This is an overwhelming time and my book is meant as a quick, compassionate and easy to follow resource.

What are some of the common concerns you get from your Facebook Fans and Blog Readers?

It comes down to learning to live with life-threatening nut allergies in a society that is very food-focused. Some of the most common issues have to do with educating others about the allergies and how to manage them, figuring out what foods are safe and trying to participate in common life activities like a birthday party of family event while avoiding an allergic reaction. My readers and I share many of the same concerns and situations which is why I created my e-book. I am a little further down the path and I want them to see they can create a great life for their allergic child and their family, despite some of the limitations we face.

Your e-book is often praised for being a practical guide for nut allergic families, especially those with
a newly diagnosed child. What do you think is lacking for parents, who just learning to cope with nut allergy?

In my experience, both personally and through the feedback readers give me, we are all given this earth-shattering news about our kids having a life-threatening medical condition that can be triggered with a common food, handed a prescription for an epinephrine autoinjector and then we are sent out into the world. There is not much discussion about navigating the social and emotional challenges brought on my life-threatening allergies. This is gap I am looking to fill with my e-book--I've had to learn many of these things on my own and I can share what has worked for me and offer readers an easier and more direct path than I had.

With two girls, one with a life-threatening nut allergy and one with out, how do your children inspire you?

Because I live with a foot in both worlds, so to speak--one where I am constantly concerned with allergies and one where allergies don't affect my daughter--I am probably sensitive to the realities of both sides of this equation. My kids inspire me because they are so supportive of each other and accommodating of each other. The help me have a balanced view and they also help me to be aware of the challenges and problems faced by all families who are trying to have as normal a life as possible while still staying safe and avoiding reactions.

What format is your book available in?

You can get my book for the Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Google Reader. iTunes and Google Reader are new additions for November, so check my e-book information page on my blog for more information! In addition, readers can download free apps for either Nook or Kindle (neither device is required) so that they can read the book on their iPad, android phone or computer.

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