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Dairy Free--Certified organic, Kosher Parve, Vegan candies and lollipops from Canadian confectioner Pure Fun™

“You won’t find dairy, or any artificial, or potentially toxic ingredients in our candies,” says Pure Fun founder, Luna Roth. “That means no dairy, artificial colors and flavors, glutens, pesticides, casein, titanium dioxide, or GMOs.”

Dairy sensitivity is responsible for GI (gastro-intestinal) symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and flatulence in millions of people and is at an all time high now that thousands of processed foods contain dairy derivatives. Recent evidence indicates that up to 75% of the world’s population is Lactose Intolerant to some extent and studies indicate that it increases dramatically as we grow older. That equates to three quarters of all people have difficulty digesting lactose. Additionally, less than 3% are allergic to Casein (the protein found in milk). This is usually detected in babies but can be undiagnosed till later. The rise in dairy intolerance caused by ingesting dairy products is at an all time high. Children and adults alike suffer symptoms.

Dairy sensitive and Lactose intolerant people improve dramatically on a Dairy-free diet. Lactose intolerance is often confused with Fructose intolerance--Pure Fun™ candies are also fructose free and an excellent solution to all forms of dairy tolerance symptoms. “Pure Fun candies don’t contain any dairy or fructose ingredients”, adds Luna. “We are frequently asked to produce flavors like butterscotch that require dairy in order to produce a true flavor. We hold to our beliefs and refuse to add any ingredient that may have a potential for harm to only manufacture a truly “better for you candy®”.

Pure Fun™ maintains a leadership position in research and development of Premium brand candies that are manufactured from the finest ingredients like low GI (glycemic index) Organic Brown Rice Syrup, certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic and Natural Colors/flavors derived from great stuff like Red Beet Concentrate, Alfalfa Extract, Red Cabbage, Annatto, and natural fruits and vegetables.

Ingredients used in Pure Fun organic candies retain natural minerals and nutrients that are removed during the refining process of conventional manufacturing. Any new candy introduction must meet strict standards:

  NO allergenic ingredients
  Free from Dairy or Casein
  Free from pesticides and preservatives
  Free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  Free from Gluten or Wheat
  Free from Tapioca (Cyanide)
  Free from synthetic flavors
  Free from artificial dyes (FD&C Colors)
  Free from preservatives, MSG, BHT, etc.
  Free from Soy or Egg
  No Fructose

Our Premium candies are free of toxins, made with certified organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, and organic citric acid. The candies get their jewel-like colors from natural ingredients that include red beet concentrate, alfalfa extract, red cabbage, annatto and derivatives of other fruits and vegetables.

“Finally, you can feel good handing out candy to your kids – or eating a few yourself, with Pure Fun, “better for you candy®” says Roth.

These candies come in delicious fun flavors such as Nature’s Ginger and Cinnamon Spice; Canadian Maple, Licorice, Root Beer and Cinnamon Cotton Candy; Lime, Lemon and Orange Slices; Fruit and Mint Pinwheels in great flavors Raging Raspberry, Pure Pomegranate, Giddy Green Apple, Loony Lemon, Spearmint, Peppermint and Pepsin Swirl; Goji Berry and so much more Fruit Rocks; and Root Beer barrels.

Pure Fun candies are available at Specialty and major retailers across North America.

If you want to discover more about our passions and commitment, check out our extensive fairylike website at www.organiccandy.com.

I am so proud of my mom, her hard work and commitment “to make this world a better place.”

Amanda Roth
Pure Fun

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