Restaurants and Allergy Information Canada, Also milk free friendly Restaurants       USA list

Restaurant                  Comment
Arby's Arby's Nutrition Guide has allergy information.

A & W See link's Nutritional Calculator for ingredient information

Baskin Robins Baskin Robins Allergy ingredient here (Canada) pdf
High cross contamination rate. No effort made to prevent cross contamination.

Burger King Burger King Replaced allergy menu with nutritional information only.

Carls Jr Carls Jr Really easy to read allergy guide,
not many dairy free choices, plans to expand into Canada

Dennys Dennys has an allergy guide, for Canada West (not Ontario) British Columbia Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Doninos Dominos Pizza has easy to read allergy chart

East Side Mario's
East Side Marios allergy information now on-line link

Extreme Pita Pita shop with a Canadian Allergen Awareness Chart

Harveys Canadian guide with top allergens.

Jack Asters Allergy information on page four of Nutrition Guide.

The Joint The Joint Pizzeria & Deli make their own brand of vegan Scheese vegan and gluten free pizzas pastas
and desserts Victoria BC
Karine's Karine's vegan, vegetarian & All-day breakfast. All dairy free, gluten free options. Toronto, ON

The Keg Keg Steak House has a allergy guide, as well as gluten free menus

Kelseys Kelseys have an allergy guide link

Organic Planet Deli Organic Planet Deli Gluten free options and a diary free deli, Winnipeg.

Kentucky Fried Chicken      KFC Allergy Information  (Canada)

Live Organic Food Bar Live Organic Food Bar Toronto Ontario Organic vegan
raw food many gluten free choices

Majic oven Majic Oven 3 locations Toronto Ontario
offers gluten free pizzas with vegan cheeses

McDonalds Allergy pdf Allergy information

Milestones Allergy Guide lists major allergens

Moes Southwest grill Moe's allergy guide US and Ontario locations.

Montanas Cookhouse Montanas Allergy Guide Allergy information (Canadian)
Allergy guide part of Nutrition guide.

Naked Sprout The Naked Sprout Meat free food is free from gluten, dairy, pesticides and additives. Burlington, ON

On the Boarder On the Boarder Mexican and Catina click allergen info

Pizza Nova Pizza Nova allergy info pdf. Has cross contamination info

Pizziolo Vegan Pizzas Link vegan and milk pizzas Toronto area,
not cross contamination aware

Red Lobster Allergy info Updated their allergy information to include common allergens

Shoeless Joes Nutrition and Allergen Information Major allergens, and other nutritional information

Smitty's Family Restaurant Nutrition and Allergen Information Major allergens, and other nutritional information

Sonny's Allergy PDF for top eight allergens Sonnys BBQ has allergy info on their site.

St. Hubert St Hubert has allergy information at each location link

St. Louis Wings Allergen Guide dishes with major allergens

Surf City Sqeeze Surf City Squeeze Download allergy information shakes and smoothies

Sweet Cherubim Sweet Cherbim Vancouver BC
Vegetarian with vegan and wheat free options

Swiss Chalet Swiss Chelet Allergy Guide
excellent allergy guide available on line or at any restaurant
guide has many items without milk, soy, yeast, egg,
wheat or gluten.

Taco Time Taco Time Allergy chart only two dairy free items, good for people nut or
egg allergies

Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell has all allergy guide, download from Nutrition page home page.

Tim Hortons Tim Hortins
High cross contamination with allergens from other products

Toppers Toppers Allergen Information Canada Toppers Pizza information
Unheardof Unheardof Edmonton Alberta
Dairy Free and Gluten free menu items

Wendys Wendys Allergy Information.

The Wooden Monkey The Wooden Monkey Lots of vegan and gluten free choices

Yogen Fruz Yogen Fruz Has some allergen information, nder nutritional information.

Yogurtys Yogurtys Allergy information on site, cross contamination risk with toppings.

Zero 8 Zero 8 Restaurant free of the top eight allergens Montreal

More Allergy Dinning Tips

  • Use this as a starting point only, only you can decide what is safe.

  • You may want to plan ahead if your visiting a restaurant.

  • Visit off peek hours when staff are less busy to answer your allergy questions

  • It is fine, and often done, is bring your own food that your not allergic to.

  • Any restaurant can have cross contamination issues, it is up to you to asses your risk level.

  • If you print off allergy guides, bring and date them, so you know how old they are.

  • Some leave their Epi-pens on the table so staff can see them

  • Tell your server first thing that you or your family member has an allergy


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    Allergy information or guides from Restaurants, milk free and other allergens at resturants. There are many allergy cards on the market. These help explain food allergies to restaurant staff. If you print out lists of safe foods, write the date on it so you know how old your list is. Only you can deside if it is safe, ask questions.

    Several Cara restaurants have swiched away from Chapmans Nut Free Icecream including Montanas and Swiss Chelet and Kelseys

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